Agent Jirius: Kenmore, Washington - Homes - Loans - Pre - Approval

Kenmore, Washington - Homes - Loans - Pre - Approval

Kenmore, Washington - Homes - Loans - Pre - Approval .I just recently had 2 loans fall apart it got me thinking about all the ways a loan can fall apart, so this blog was fairly timely and right on.  These are the first loans in years to not go through for me and I am still determined to make them happen.  However, if anyone reads this blog, you will see how easy it is for something to go worng.  I will be submitting one of them on Monday to a different lender in Kenmore, Washington Homes for sale

Ancient Mortgage Proverb: No deal is ever 100% certain until the loan is completely paid off.

There exists a chasm in communication, familiarity and point of view between agents and loan officers. Sometimes we try to act like it does not exist and we really wish it was not so. I know this chasm exists, just as you do for many reasons, because I have had real estate agents - very good agents - try to convert to loan officer at my companies and I have seen this chasm immediately appear. Sales are fairly and generally black and white, go or no-go, yea or nay. Either the seller accepts the offer, counters or declines. Every agent I have seen try to become a loan officer has had a difficult time adjusting to the different levels of approval.

There are different levels of approval with virtually every mortgage application to loan process and agents we really need you to do your best accept them even if you don't understand them. Otherwise you're going to continue driving the loan officer (me :) nuts and forcing the weaker ones to lie to you or avoid you. Let me help you not contribute to their delinquency by briefly explaining some of the levels of loan approval and addressing how I handle them individually.

First please recognize the average loan has many human and non-human touch-points. It's not just the loan officer or just the loan officer and the underwriter. There are also as many as dozens of other humans plus automated systems involved. If the loan application is not approved by each and every one of these processes as required by the lending or insurance (mortgage insurance) guidelines the application will be denied and the deal will be done.

I don't care who the loan officer is, where they work or what they say - these are constants and work the same way at every lender/bank/broker unless the person you are talking to has the money in their personal checking account and are personally making the loan - something a loan officer does not have the authority to do for any lender.)

[See the edit notes at the end of this post.]

Application Approval - these are generally worthless. These are generally called a pre-approval and sent on a letterhead from the bank, lender or broker. These are often given only after accepting the application and examining the credit history of the applicant(s). At this point nothing has usually been verified or even documented such as income, assets and job history. (I do give these and I explain this is a CREDIT ONLY pre-approval and I have verified nothing except credit and payment history.)

Credit Only Approval - see above.

Automated System Approval (Application Stage) - this is also generally worthless. The loan officer generally has not verified income, assets and job history at this point. This is where most "approval letters" are issued on that official looking FNMA Pre-Approval sheet. (I give these as well and explain I still need all the documentation and several verifications of documenation from the appropriate source.)

Underwriter's Opinion Pre-Approval - again basically worthless for the same reasons. (I give these ocassionally when there is a borderline issue as in tax returns for example.)

Underwriter's Conditional Approval - this is where the loan officer should have a very good idea if this application will be approved. There can be as many as 3 or more weeks between the Application Approval and this date because this is the first time anyone has looked at the complete application package which will include: income documentation (pay stubs, tax returns, etc.), asset documentation (bank statements, retirement account statements, letters of verification), employment verification, rent/mortgage verification, appraisal, insurance documentation, inspection (if required), fully executed and legible purchase agreement, and whatever else is needed. THIS IS STILL NOT AN APPROVAL! There will be conditions and until the conditions are satfisfied this is not a loan.

Clear to Close (or Cleared to Close) - this is it. This is the first time ANYONE can assure this will be a finalized transaction and it does have an expiration - usually 7 to 10 days after the approval.

-Side note about conditions. I had a first time home buyer ask me about "Conditions" the other day. He's a young and single man so I used an illustration I thought he could easily understand. I said, "Suppose you finally get up the courage and ask that pretty girl out on a date. She tells you she will go out with you if you drive a red sports car, pick her up at exactly 7PM and take her to the most expensive restaurant in town." I needed to offer no further explanation of conditions.

The bottom line is this: If you do your job right, the loan officer does their job right, the title/escrow agency does their job right, the appraiser does their job right, the inspector does their job right, the insurance company does their job right, the buyer's employer does their job right, the buyer's current mortgage company or landlord does their job right, the person giving the gift (if there is a down payment gift) does their job right, the IRS does their job right, the borrower's accountant/CPA does their job right, the seller does their job right, the appraiser does their job right, the HOA does their job right, the inspector does their job right, the processor does their job right, the underwriter does their job right, the closing co-ordinator does their job right, the funder does their job right, the seller's agent does their job right ... that's most of them ... then within a few days to a few weeks we'll meet at the closing table. Until then NOTHING is certain.

Now do you still want my opinion or do you want to wait for the truth?

[Edit notes: When I write the pre-approval is worthless I mean as far as the actual final approval - go to the bank and cash your check. Nobody's pre-approval means the application and entire transaction will be approved. A true mortgage professional will follow protocol and verify as much information as possible before issuing a pre-qualification. I was trained to do it that way many years ago and have trained all my staff members to do so as well. However, there are dozens of moving parts outside of our control. The pre-approval, even the best one, simply means there is no reason at that point in time not to proceed with the process of the application.]

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Comment balloon 3 commentsJirius Isaac • October 25 2009 01:51PM


Jirius, good article. We just had a $550,000 deal fall through because they came in with a pre-approval letter but in the end result could not get past Underwriting.

Posted by Ted Tyndall, I will help You find the Home YOU want to Buy (Davidson Realty Inc.) over 9 years ago

They have to go through desktop underwriting and then I'm still holding my breath.

Posted by Barb Van Stensel over 9 years ago
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Posted by pohuemr almost 7 years ago